Scottish Qualification Framework: Linking the Learning Journey

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SCQF - Linking the Learning Journey

EuropeActive attended the conference Linking the Learning Journey, organised by the national qualifications framework for Scotland (SCQF) on February 22, 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland. The event was attended by ~180 participants from different schools, colleges, and training providers from the public and private sector to showcase all aspects of the Framework demonstrating its scope and flexibility as a tool to facilitate lifelong learning. Hence, in focus were the benefits of referencing qualifications to the SCQF and how educational institutions applied referencing and how it improved the study programme and students’ participation. In addition, “personal” learning journeys were shared by students and how education had a positive impact on individuals’ lives.

EuropeActive’s SIQAF project brings together key stakeholders and experts from the active leisure sector (fitness & outdoors) to develop recommendations for referencing international qualifications to national qualification framework and to the EQF.

In 2018 EuropeActive kicked-off the Let’s #BEACTIVE project, focussing on converting inactive adults to active individuals leading a healthier life.