The Pass Project final conference, The Seminar on Sport Diplomacy and the European Platform for traditional sport and games

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Project Activities / Information

In the last three days, EuropeActive participated to three conferences in Brussels.

1) The Pass Project final conference took place right after the cluster meeting on HEPA. The conference presented the outcomes of the project and the recommendations to promote physical activity in the European political contexts. The promotion of strategic actions to turn cities more adapt to physical activity must have a bottom up approach that means from the local level. 

2) The Seminar on Sport Diplomacy organised by the Commission addressed the role of sport for achieving peace and questioning how the use of sport increase the international position of a country. Three EU funded projects which have been used sport as a diplomatic tool were presented during the seminar. 

3) The conference for launching the European Platform for traditional sport and games has been hosted by MEP Sean Kelly in the European Parliament. The year Erasmus + project achieved to create a central resource hub encompassing the three complimentary elements of research, policy and practice, enabling the future development of a coordinated approach to the preservation and promotion of European TSG.