Parliament poll: Public confidence in the EU is growin

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According to the latest The Parlemeter poll of people’s views on EU and its institutions, 57% of EU citizens find EU membership beneficial for their country. This share almost reached pre-crisis level.

Parliament President Antonio Tajani said that this survey shows that the confidence in EU institutions and its work continues to grow. Almost 28,000 Europeans were interviewed face-to-face in all EU 28 member states during this poll. More than 60% says that their country has many advantages as a member of the EU. Moreover, the share of people who has negative opinion about EU dropped by seven points, to 21%. In terms of “Positive image” of the European Parliament, Ireland leads with 54% and the Czech Republic is at the lowest with 18%.

Overall, people are satisfied with the way EU institutions work and think that the government has to put more emphasis on global problems and prioritise policies such as “Tackling poverty and social exclusion” and “Combating terrorism”.