Let's #BEACTIVE kick-off meeting

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Project Activities / Information

The Let’s #BEACTIVE project, Erasmus+ funded action, was officially launched during a 2-day kick-Off meeting in Brussels on 17th and 18th of January. The ambitious project is all about getting currently inactive people to become physically active. The project will be running for a 3-year period, during which tens of thousands of inactive people will be converted to active people.

Fitness clubs in 8 different EU member states will open their doors and invite people to participate in a six week structured fitness programme. The participants will exercise under the supervision of fitness trainers who’ve received additional training to guarantee the best possible guidance for the participants. The six week programme will run at the same time as the European Week of Sport and will reinforce the #BEACTIVE message.   

The gym is the perfect place to become active, but it doesn’t stop there, with the help of modern technology we’ll motivate participants to also be active outside off the gym. As a result we'll be able to have a real positive impact on the lifestyle of participants.