Lets #BEACTIVE is in full swing

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Project Activities / Information

This week hundreds of fitness clubs all throughout Europe have opened their doors to welcome the very first participants of the Let’s #BEACTIVE project. In the coming weeks thousands of Let’s #BEACTIVE participants will take the first steps in their journey towards a more active and healthier lifestyle. They are following tailor made, high quality training programmes and be are guided by first class exercise professionals.

The six weeks intervention is just the start of what could be a life changing experience for many. With the help of a custom app specifically developed for the Let’s #BEACTIVE project, our researchers will be able to track the activity levels of the participants, not only during the six week intervention, but also 3 months and 6 months after. This will make sure that we can draw robust conclusions on the successfulness of the intervention and will allow for optimisation in the second and third year of this 3-year project.

Let’s #BEACTIVE project is not alone in demonstrating how fitness sector makes the difference to get more people more active more often. EuropeActive through the National Fitness Days campaign gather fitness events organised by its partners happening throughout Europe during the European Week of Sport.

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