Get ready for Lets #BEACTIVE and the European Week of Sport

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Lets #BEACTIVE project

On September 6th, the partners of the Let’s #BEACTIVE project had a final meeting before its first year start in 8 countries to help encourage non-active people to come into fitness clubs  through specially designed 6 week exercise intervention programmes. Hundreds of clubs and thousands of people will be start exercising as part of the Let’s#BEACTIVE campaign, and their activity levels will be tracked during the trials and for up to six months through a specially designed APP. The project aims to get inactive people to realise that they can modify their lifestyles and to help turn the increasing levels of inactivity.

The start of the Let’s #BEACTIVE intervention coincides with the start of the European Week of Sport, on September 23th which is now a massive European-wide campaign to raise awareness on the importance of regular physical activity. With the Let’s #BEACTIVE project the fitness sector is demonstrating its potential for getting people to be more active, and through the partners they will be raising the profile of fitness and the European Week of Sport. 

Alongside the Let’s#BEACTIVE project EuropeActive is also coordinating with many other national associations through the National Fitness Days campaign during to coincide with the European Week of Sport. With this initiative EuropeActive promotes a whole range of activities around healthy lifestyles and the social and economic role of fitness.