Finalising SIQAF project in Madrid

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Project Activities / Information

The 2-year EU-funded action SIQAF (Sectoral & International Qualification Framework to the EQF) enters its last term. In August 2016, a task force was formed and costisted of sectoral stakeholders and qualification experts from the fitness and outdoor (Active Leisure) sector to explore the Relevance of Sector and International Qualifications and Frameworks to the European Qualification Framework (EQF) – the SIQAF project. The penultimate meeting took place during 13-14 March 2018 in Madrid hosted by the King Juan Carlos University.

The major outputs of the SIQAF project are two European qualifications and the proposal of a scheme – or pathway – that international and sector organisations could use to reference their qualifications to NQFs. During the SIQAF final conference in May 2018, the task force will present its work to representatives of the Active Leisure sector, policy makers and interested stakeholders.