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The official countdown toward the 4th Edition of the European Week of Sport (EWoS) has officially started.

The EWoS Key Players’ Seminar will take place  on 22nd-23rd May in Riga. This meeting isthe annual occasion for the sport stakeholders’ partners of the #BeActive Week to align activities for the next edition. The Sport Unit of the European Comission will present the 2018 #BeActive campaign together with the communication contractor and all the news for September 2018 (BeActive Night, BeActive Awards, Wien Flagship event, etc.). Eventually, two parallel workshops (one on social media and one dedicated to networking) will take place on the second day of the Seminar.

EuropeActive has recently launched the National Fitness Days 2018 campaign. The save the date email with the invitation to participate has been sent to the entire fitness industry (fitness associations, fitness chains, individual clubs, fitness professionals, etc.)
 Join and discover more about National Fitness Days 2018 on EuropeActive website.

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