European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Sport and Active Leisure on hold

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Project Activities / Information

The European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Sport and Active Leisure test phase (ESSD) is suspended since the beginning of 2018. The European Commission confirmed that “There is a shared understanding that – for the time being - regular meetings organised by the Commission are not a promising way to develop the social dialogue in the sector”. Since the start of the test phase in 2012 EuropeActive and European Confederation of Outdoor Employers have actively participated in the ESSD committee as observers, representing the employers for the Active Leisure sector at European level. The committee was chaired by the social partners UNI Europa Sport and the European Association of Sports Employers (EASE) who tried to increase its representativeness to meet the criteria required for an official social dialogue committee to be launched, but this has been unsuccessful. Both EuropeActive and EC-OE were recognised as representative employer organisation in the Eurofound Study published by the Commission in 2013.

European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Sport and Active Leisure test phase (ESSD) has been structured in three subsectors: Professional Sport, Active Leisure and Not-for-profit Sport. Representing a sub-sector, the Sector Skills Alliance (SSA) for Active Leisure (formerly Active Leisure Alliance) – coordinated the "DIAL” project - Social Dialogue in Active Leisure"(VS/2013/0374 -) and was co-applicant of the EU-funded actions “Supporting the Test Phase Of The European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the Sport and Active Leisure Sector” (VS/2015/0333) with UNI Europa as a coordinator.

EuropeActive and EC-OE will continue their work in supporting European Sectoral Social Dialogue for the Active Leisure with their members as part of their developing Sector Skills Alliance and with a focus on establishing effective national social dialogue arrangements. With a growing influence of micro businesses and independent professionals the employment landscape in active leisure is changing and the SSA will look at ways of ensuring proper representation from across the spectrum of employers, employees and independent professionals.