Encouragement from President of the European Parliament for EuropeActive to deliver the skills for the future of fitness

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skills for the future of fitness

The recent letter from Antonio Tajani, the President of the European Parliament, has added weight and encouragement for EuropeActive to continue along its pathway to develop the systems and processes to make sure that fitness professionals have the future skills and qualifications to support the growth of the sector. With the review of the all-important Personal Trainer standards, the fast-moving SIQAF project with DG Employment that is leading the way for sector qualification recognition, and in the context of the highly-successful International Standards Meeting promoting international cooperation and development, EuropeActive is moving ahead to deliver its ambitious plans. The research and evidence that EuropeActive now gathers from its annual surveys of the market, employer skills needs, and from thousands of fitness trainers gives it a comprehensive picture of what future skills are needed, and more importantly how they can be delivered in a harmonised and quality-assured way.
Starting in January is the 3-year Erasmus+ project BLUEPRINT that provides resources and expertise to ensure the systems and processes are fully tested and operational. Much of the initial work has been taking place over many years with the development of the standards, EREPS and accreditation and now the final parts will come together.
Monitor the progress of the SIQAF and BLUEPRINT projects through this website.

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