Empowering women through sports

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The Sport Intergroup in the European Parliament organised a conference on empowering women through sport on Tuesday, April 10th, in Brussels. Yves Le Lostecque, the head of the sport unit in the EC, zoomed in the EC initiatives on empower women through sport, such as, commissioning studies on gender in sport and cooperating with sports federations on gender equality. He told participants that there is a strong consensus between the institutions to make progress on this topic. The Bulgarian presidency reiterated the importance of empowering women through sport and said that one of their priorities is promoting common values through sport, including gender equality.

During the panel discussions, the panellist reflected on their personal experiences in sport and presented multiple initiatives to empower women through sport, such as, the focus on women in leadership positions in Rugby. The topic of providing a safe environment for everyone to participate was also tackled. Gloria Viseras gave a very moving testimonial about the abuse she suffered at the hand of her coach.

The conference finished with a testimonial from Stacey Copeland on her own struggles with gender inequality and harmful stereotypes. She finished with a positive note on al the improvements that already have been made and her personal ‘pave the way’ initiative.


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