Cooperation of Committees in order to promote sport

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What progress has the commission made in coordinating actions across the Directorates to increase the number of people exercising? - MEP Harkin asked the Commission.

Mr Navracsics, on behalf of the Commission, agreed with the importance of cooperation across sectors and explained what had been done so far.

The Seminar on Healthy lifestyle, held within the European Week of Sport, was a key event for an open-dialogue between different committees. The Commission also launched a task force that examines the influence of digital technologies to citizen's health. Moreover, the EU aims to make transport more sustainable by supporting cycling by launching the European Mobility Week and also the EU Strategy on Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity-related Health issues.

The contribution of sport to the employability of young people and the role of coaches in society is very important for the EU. So, the Commission is now working on skills and human resource development that is one of the main areas in the Sport chapter of the Erasmus+ Programme.

Consequently, the Commission is working towards a holistic approach to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles and EuropeActive will as well in the future join synergies with the European Commission to increase levels of physical activity across the Member States.

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